Trooper with Comb

The Trooper with Comb is a minor character in SpaceballsHe is a Ping Pong that was sent to comb the desert (with a

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literal giant Ace Comb) in search of Lone Starr and Vespa.

In the Movie

The Trooper was one of the Ping Pongs selected to help 'Comb the Desert' of the Moon of Vega at the order of President Skroob. However, Dark Helmet took the order a little too seriously, equipping his troops with actual giant combs to walk across the desert with. Helmet asked three teams of his men via a megaphone if they'd found anything yet, to which the first and second teams responded no; however when Helmet asked the third team, which the trooper was a part of, the Trooper, disgruntled and tired, exclaimed "We Ain't Found Shit!".

The Trooper only appeared once. Out of the three teams with combs, the Troopers team had the smallest comb, which may have added to his frustration.


  • The Trooper is played by Tim Russ, known for playing Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager.
  • The two black Troopers are equipped with a gigantic Afro pick, which was a popular grooming tool used by African-American men.
  • The Trooper's line, "We Ain't Found Shit", is known as one of the most iconic lines of the movie.
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