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A Spaceball Radar Technician

"I've lost the bleeps, I've lost the sweeps, and I've lost the creeps!"

A Spaceball Radar Technician speaking with Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz.[src]

Spaceballs is the term used in reference to inhabitants of Planet Spaceball. Spaceballs are known for foolishly squandering atmospheres and for their "elite army," referred to as the Pingpongs.


The "Pingpongs" was the nickname given to the "elite army" of the Spaceballs that was presumably led by Dark Helmet. It was composed of different types of personnel. One instance are the Pingpongs that can be seen wearing white clothes and a white helmet. They are often found operating equipment on ships such as the Spaceball I and aren't as militaristic as other Spaceballs. Another instance are the standard foot soldiers of the army. They are armed with rifles and can be found sporting a white-gray uniform with black armor. They are typically seen guarding areas of the Spaceball I, and the Prison Bubbles in Spaceball City. These Pingpongs are much more militaristic than the others. Higher ranking members of the Pingpongs can be seen sporting a gray tunic and a matching gray cap with black leather gloves.

Known Spaceballs

Dark Helmet

Colonel Sandurz

President Skroob

Sergeant Rico

Commanderette Zircon


Marlene and Charlene

Phillip Asshole

Major Asshole

The Assholes

Radar Technician


Radar Technician

Captain of the Guards