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Spaceball City

Planet Spaceball is the home of all the Spaceballs. It has lost all of its precious air. President Skroob reigns from Spaceball City.

In Spaceballs: The Animated Series, Planet Spaceball is referred to as Planet Moron, like in an early draft of Spaceballs.


Planet Spaceball is a dull, barren planet from what we can see of it. It appears quite similar to the moon; the terrain is gray and dusty, and the sky above is not colored like earth's or Planet Druidia's; all that is visible in the sky is the blackness of the surrounding space and the stars scattered throughout.

The man-made structures on the planet seem to consist of large spherical buildings scattered randomly across the ground and connected via roads laid out in a grid like fashion (at least this is what it's like in Spaceball City). Some spheres, or 'balls' have blue lights emitting from their tops. The balls also exist in various sizes; in Spaceball City, there are many tiny spheres scattered along the ground, with larger ones in between, all centered around the largest one, the capitol, where President Skroob resides, which has a decorative piece on its top that looks like Earth's Capitol Hill.


Not much is known of society or life on Planet Spaceball, although during the events of the movie it must be a terrible place to live, considering that the Spaceballs have somehow squandered their atmosphere causing a massive air shortage. Citizens are reliant on a product called 'Perri-Air' to survive because of the lack of air. Despite this, President Skroob denies an air shortage happening, dismissing it to a concerned phone caller as a 'rumor' even though he does indeed know about the problem.

Planet Spaceball's political system seems to be either a democracy or a republic, as it is governed by a president. Not much else is known about Spaceball politics.

The Spaceballs have some sort of justice system implemented on their planet, as evident by the Prison Balls located in Spaceball City.

The Spaceballs also have a vast military which seems to be led by Dark Helmet, in addition to the president. The army is referred to as the 'Pingpongs' and consists of two separate groups, one wears white outfits and helmets and the other wears black outfits and helmets; these soldiers are equipped with guns and seem to be more of a militaristic group than the white outfit pingpongs. Higher ranking spaceballs such as Colonels and Squad Leaders wear gray uniforms with matching gray caps, as well as black gloves. An example of a higher ranking spaceball is Colonel Sandurz.

In the Movie

While Planet Spaceball itself doesn't appear much in the film, the fact that it is in the midst of a major air shortage due to its residents foolishly squandering their atmosphere is basically the main plot device of the film, as this is the reason why the Spaceballs devised their evil plan to kidnap Princess Vespa and steal Druidia's air, which put into order the rest of the events of the movie. 

Planet Spaceball is first seen physically just before President Skroob's first appearance, where Spaceball City is able to be glimpsed while 'Hail to the Chief' is playing.

It is then seen again for the last time in the film when Lone Starr and Barf travel to Spaceball City to rescue Vespa from the Spaceballs' clutches in the Prison Ball.


  • The fate of planet Spaceball after the movie is unknown. Since the spaceballs failed in their plan to steal Druidia's air, the planet likely lost what was left of its air supply altogether; at the same token, it may be likely that the Spaceballs continue buying Perri-Air from Druidia, and thus survive.