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Philip Asshole is a cross-eyed Gunner's mate First Class. His cousin is Major Asshole, who is also cross-eyed. 


In the Movie

Philip was the gunner in charge of sending a warning shot across the nose of Princess Vespa's shuttle during Spaceball I's initial attempt at capturing her. Due to being cross eyed, he missed every shot wildly, leading to Dark Helmet flying into a rage, screaming at the gunner to 'fire across her nose, not up it'. After realizing the gunner was so cross eyed, he questioned Colonel Sandurz on who made the man a gunner, to which Major Asshole, whom was standing by, responded that he did, because Phillip was his cousin.

Dark Helmet soon realized basically every other ping pong on board the ship (or at least the bridge) was also a member of the Asshole family, and after coming to terms with being surrounded by Assholes, he ordered them to 'Keep Firing, Assholes!'.