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Perri-Air sticker on all cans

Perri-Air is a canned air company from Druidia. It makes an appearance in the beginning of the film, with President Skroob ending a phone interview with a reporter, then taking one out of his desk and inhaling it (ironically after denying that Planet Spaceball had an air shortage). While Planet Spaceball appears to be a major consumer of the product, it is also possible that Perri-Air is exported to other planets.

Perri-Air is the only source of air available to Spaceball City and it's residents. It is an aluminum can filled with "salt-free" air with a sticker on it reading "Perri-Air, Canned in Druidia". Skroob, through his minions Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz, attempted to stop their dependence on Perri-Air cans by simply attacking their source, Planet Druidia, and outright stealing that planet's atmosphere.

It was unknown what became of Perri-Air after Lone Starr thwarted Skroob's theft, although it is safe to assume the company is still in business. It could have been likely King Roland imposed an embargo on Planet Spaceball in retaliation, or if the residents of Spaceball City continue buying Perri-air cans to breathe.