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Mr. Radar is a device on Spaceball I. It is capable of tracking nearby spaceships and planets. It is right next to Mr. Coffee.

Mr coffee mr radar spaceballs.jpg

In the Movie

After being notified that Planet Druidia was in range of the Spaceball 1Dark Helmet needed to use the radar to view Druidia as it was not yet capable to be seen visually from the ship. Despite Colonel Sandurz offering to punch it up for him, Helmet stubbornly went over to check the radar himself, only to be confused by its Churning and Bubbling graphics. Helmet soon realized he wasn't actually looking at the radar, and instead a device located right next to it, Mr. Coffee. After getting a cup, Helmet was shown Mr. Radar where he was able to view Planet Druidia, and inform the audience of the Spaceballs' evil plan to kidnap Princess Vespa and steal all their air.