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The Minister presides over weddings (even some that have nothing to do with love) on Planet Druidia, at the First Intergalactic Temple (Reformed) of the Druids, and doesn't like getting interrupted.

In the movie

The Minister first appears in Spaceballs during the wedding of Princess Vespa and Prince Valium, which Vespa promptly ditches due to having cold feet.

After Lone Starr and Barf return the princess to her home planet, the Minister presides over "Take Two" of the wedding between her and Valium. This time, he gets interrupted first by Vespa realizing she would rather marry Lone Starr, then by the Eagle 5 noisily landing on Druidia. Annoyed, he decides to give "the short version" of a wedding, before anything else can interfere. When he asks Vespa if she takes Valium to be her lawfullly wedded husband, she hesitates saying, "I do," until Lone Starr enters the chapel and proclaims himself a prince. He proposes to Vespa, and she accepts. The Minister decides not to risk their wedding becoming interrupted by giving, "the short, short version," in which he simply asks the bride and groom, "Do you?" Lone Starr and Vespa excitedly answer, "Yes!", then share their first kiss as husband and wife.


  • The Minister was played by Ronny Graham, one of the main writers of the movie.