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"20 Seconds remaining. This is your last chance to press the cancellation button."

Mega Maid announcing to Dark Helmet, President Skroob and Colonel Sandurz how much time remains until self destruction.[src]

Mega Maid standing over Planet Druidia.

Mega Maid is the transformed version of Spaceball I. It is shaped like a woman with a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum can both suck air out of a planet's atmosphere, and blow it back into an atmosphere. It appears very powerful, since it can clean a mountain of snow, and pull a forest's trees straight out of the ground (and put everything back neatly if set in reverse).

Mega Maid exploded after Lone Starr tricked Dark Helmet into pushing the self-destruct button, and an attempt to cancel the order failed due to the cancellation button going out of order. Most, if not all personnel escaped the ship before its destruction, with Dark Helmet, President Skroob and Colonel Sandurz being left behind in the head of the maid. The head and the vacuum handle crash-landed on the Planet of the Apes with Dark Helmet, Skroob and Sandurz climbing out the nose of the maid.


  • Mega Maid could refer to the robot form of Cybertron, seen in the Transformers movie released just a year prior
  • Dark Helmet refers to the Spaceball in charge of the "metamorphosis" of Spaceball I into Mega Maid as "Kafka". This references Franz Kafka, the author of a book titled, The Metamorphosis.
    • Mel Brooks previously referenced The Metamorphosis in The Producers, when Max Bialystock picked up a copy of the book while searching for a potentially awful play, and decided after only reading one sentence ("Gregor Samsa awoke one morning to discover that he had been transformed into a giant cockroach.") that it sounded "too good."