Major asshole

Major Asshole.

Major Asshole is a cross-eyed Spaceball of the rank major who recruited his cousin, Phillip Asshole, as gunner of Spaceball I.  He was played by Jim Jackman. He is renamed Major Bleephole in Spaceballs: The Animated Series.

In the movie Edit

Major Asshole first appears when Dark Helmet asks who made Phillip Asshole a gunner. He responds with, "I did, sir. He's my cousin." It's later revealed that various members of his family are on Spaceball I.

Major Asshole presumably escaped Spaceball I before its destruction. It's unknown where his pod went, however.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why Major Asshole is cross-eyed. It's possible that he inherited it from someone in his family, as his cousin, Phillip Asshole, also has cross-eyes.
  • It is unknown why Major Asshole got his family members on board Spaceball I. It's possible that he cares about them a lot.
  • It's unknown if "Major" is a title (as in, a major general) or his actual first name (as in, a "major asshole").
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