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This is a list of movies parodied in the first and only Spaceballs the movie.

the list

  • Alien also known as Aliens part one (1970s) only at the very end of the movie
  • Star Wars (1977) most of the movie is based on this movie
  • Star Wars (1983) Yogurt/Yoda's character is based on this movie but the film itself does not due to not having the jungle training scene which later appears in Spaceballs the nimated series.
  • Wizard of Oz (1939) a small scene were the 4 heros go to meet yogurt/yoda which parody the wizard from the wizard of Oz.
  • Krull (1983) princess Vespa, king Roland, yogurt etc
  • The Bridge Over The River Kwai
  • Prince Valiant
  • Star Trek (1966) when President Skroob uses the teleporter.
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