Spaceballs: The Wiki

This is a list of all the movies parodied in Spaceballs the animated series.

the list

  • Star Wars (1977) (the 4th episode) the cast is manly based on this movie
  •  Star Wars: The Phanton menace (1990s) (the 1st episode) this was Dark Helmet back story some things were not cannon like the president having force-like powers but the rest generally is accepted to be how dark helmet originated according to Mel Brooks. 
  •  Lord of the Rings (2000s)
  • Jurasic Park (1990s)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (2000s)
  • Harry potter (2000s) (the first movie) but named after a later movie in the late 2000s decade
  • The Terminator (1984) but then ended up showing a part were it showed the characters of Dark Helmet and the President having T-1000-like abilites which were first seen in the 1992 movie Terminator 2: Judgement day
  • Alien (1970s) (Second Space balls appearance of a Xenomoph) (first appearance of a Xenomorph-Xenomorph) which evidently was a cock roach sized and spider looking alien which bursted out of the chestburster type of xenomorph. which then proceeeded to infect Barf and then give him Spiderman-like abilities.
  • Spiderman (1970s)  its this verson because did not have the signature kiss scene from the early 2000s decade new spider man (for the Barf the Spidermog character only)
  • Spiderman (2000s) this is based the presidents verson of Doctor Octopus from the 2000s movie verson
  • Batman (1970s)  at the very end of the episode and the series, another creature then infects Barf the Mog which then turns him into Batman