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An unidentified alien creature burst from the chest of a Gus' Galaxy Grill patron who ate the Space Special.


After Lone Starr and Barf helped Princess Vespa return to her home on Planet Druidia, they stopped by Gus' Galaxy Grill for lunch. Lone Starr ordered Space Soup, while Barf decided to try the Space Special. However, they soon noticed another customer writhing and screaming in pain after eating it. Barf quickly told the waitress to change his order to Space Soup. The dancing alien then burst out of the customer's stomach and danced his way back into the kitchen while singing, "Hello! Ma Baby." Lone Starr and Barf become so perplexed by the alien's routine that they promptly ask for the check.

Behind the scenes

The alien is a parody of the Chestburster from Alien and Michigan J. Frog from One Froggy Evening.

The man that the dancing alien burst out of was played by John Hurt, from Alien. He exclaims, "Oh, no! Not again!" after seeing the alien because his character in that movie, Kane, also had to suffer having an extraterrestrial creature tear out of him while eating.

John Hurt previously worked for Mel Brooks when he played Jesus in History of the World, Part I.