The Captain of the Guards is a minor character in Spaceballs who serves as a captain in the Planet Spaceball army. He

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speaks with a feminine tone of voice.

In the movie[edit | edit source]

As Lone StarrVespaBarf and Dot Matrix attempt to escape the Prison Ball in Spaceball City, they came under fire from a squadron of Ping Pongs and their only way of escape was through a closing door. They appeared to leap through, but another guard squadron caught them on the other side. This man was the captain of that squad, and walked in the room taunting the four after their capture. He soon realized that his men had actually captured Stunt Doubles of the four heroes after they turned towards him and revealed they looked nothing like the real four.  The captain angrily scolded his men for failing to capture the real heroes and only their stunt doubles, he orders them to search the area and find them. The Captain of the Guards only appears once, and only in the Prison Ball in Spaceball City. He is presumably alive, as he wasnt even present on Spaceball I during its explosion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is played by Stephen Toblowsky.
  • It is possible the captain himself was intended to be a stunt double for Colonel Sandurz, as they wear the exact same uniforms. That would also be ironic since he scolded his men for capturing stunt doubles, when he himself is one too. This is unknown however, as many other officers are seen wearing the same uniform as Sandurz, such as Major Asshole and Snotty.
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